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I have another tumblr:

Ask Korra the avatar! :3…

Ask Chibi Mama Mako


And my personal tumblr
lalallala~ I have a tumblr, please follow me:
So... Happy new year to everyone! This year I will to draw every day a sketch in my new notebook because in this year I need to practice more in my arts e_e  :D Actually my scaner doesnt work but maybe tomorrow I will upload two sketches here because Im going to have a new one! n_n
:D and love Zelda... that's all <3 and skyward sword was really amazing.

Im gonna write fanfics and do draws about the game *-*!
Thank you very much for your help in the final in otaku house cosplay :D Actually I'm a finalist <3 So... in the final round I need some "likes" here if I want to be the "Idol Cosplay in South/Central America" :


:D thank yoooou <3 ^^
Omg... Well yes... I need like 200 likes if I want to be a finalist in Otaku House's Contest.

I really, really need your help xD

Please... if you have a Facebook, give me a simple :iconlike-plz: in my photo:…

If you want to vote for me, first you need to be  fan of:

Please, Its only a little "like" on my photo. Thank you... thank you very much <3...

Its my first cosplay and I made it with my own hands (Needle and thread. Not sewing machine... or another tools) Thanks to my special friend Aldair who gave to me all his support and patience in the production of this cosplay.

Cosplay: Midna
Serie: The legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Award: 1st place in the category "Individual Cosplay"
Event: Animex 2011 Cintermex
Monterrey, México.


Thanks <3 Enjoy the day and your life always! n_n
Hi there! ^^ I am in a competition with my first cosplay of Midna in "Otaku House"

:D I really love zelda and  I won the first place in my city with the category "Best individual cosplay"

And now I want to be a finalist in the international cosplay of Otaku House.

I need your help with a simple "like" on my photo ^^ (I really need a LOT of likes)
If you want to help me (please >.<) you need to have a Facebook Account

1) Be a Fan of :

2)Like in my photo:…


Its my first cosplay ^^ I made it and the helmet is with newspaper, clue and paints.
Thank you very very much! <3

These are some of my photos:…
In the competition……
With the winners!:mastahsword:

Thank you banzai medios/Arturo Vega for the beautiful photos!

If you want to contact with me:

Facebook: zaira.lezith…
Hi Everybody... Mmm well I dont have idea what i need to put here <_< I know my english suck :3 but anyway... Thanks for visit my gallery I really appreciate it :iconhurrhurrplz: